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Lots of New workshop offerings in our sunny light-filled studio surrounded by the sea on Lighthouse Point, Scituate Harbor!

- Glass Beadmaking           - Glass Make-A-Knob                  -Felting

- Metalsmithing                   - Sea Glass & Tumble Stone        - Kid’s Classes

If you would like to gather a group of friends for a fun workshop contact Marj to arrange a
date & time convenient to your group!

Private lessons available.                  Great Gift Idea - purchase a gift certificate!

    New Workshops Offerings for 2019 Schedule

        Learn how to melt Glass! 


                                       Melting Glass - What to Expect ...

Learn how to make Venetian Glass Beads
 with internationally recognized glass artist Marj Bates
in her light filled seaside studio on Lighthouse Point, Scituate Harbor. Marj has been
 teaching the ancient art of glass beadmaking known as lampwork for more than 20 years.

Learn how to melt Venetian glass rods and various techniques of bead embellishment such as
feathering, raking, adding dots, silver leaf and enameling.  You will see many demonstrations
and you will experience lots of hands-on torch time.  Marj will discuss studio set ups and the
importance of annealing all glasswork.  Marj also has a few tips about life as an entrepreneur! 
Marj has given many glass beadmaking students the guidance to set up their own studios safely.

Class is limited to 6 students.  Each student has his/her own work station complete with torch. 
The cost of all materials is included in class fee.  All day classes begin at 9:30 promptly and end
at 4:30 not so promptly.  May I suggest you dress in layers with close fitting cotton clothing
and plan to tie back long hair, all the common sense stuff to remember when working with a
very hot torch flame.  Bring a bag lunch, snack or drink although often students are so
hypnotized by the flame and process they do not want to take a break!
I have been known to offer students a fresh pot of amazing coffee and treats during the afternoon.
This is a good time to ask questions. 

Intro to Glassbeadmaking!  New Class!

During this 2 +* hour class learn the basic skills needed to make glass beads.
You will learn how to shape hot glass making a medley of colorful beads of varying sizes.
We will discuss Safety, different glasses and equipment.  
I will demonstrate glass beadmaking throughout.
You will melt & manipulate hot glass and learn how to add surface decorations
such as dots, flower designs and much more!

No experience necessary.
All materials included.

Feb 9, 2019 - 9:30 am   Sign up Now!

 April 13,  2019 - 9:30 am   Sign up Now! 

*Because students get so enmeshed in melting glass 
I am always happy to allow a bit more time.
Hanging out for 3 hours is pretty common.

                              'Torch Time' is always available to my students at their convenience.  
                          Torch Time is when students rent equipment and tools for a small fee.

I will be offering short specialized classes in the future such as
how to add silver leaf, how to encase beads in
clear glass, Murrini inclusion etc.  

Gift Certificates Available!

 One Day Glass Beadmaking Workshop January 19, 2019    


You will first learn about heat and gravity by melting glass rods and laying the molten glass 
around steel mandrels - or rods.  This is the techniques Egyptians used to melt glass back in early times.  
We will make glass beads.  We will learn how to add color, dots, metals to glass beads.  
We learn techniques such as raking, including bubbles, adding layers of dots. 
This is a great introduction to the art of flamework.

One Day Glass Beadmaking Workshop  $185.   Sign up now!

Weekend of Melting Glass January 19 & 20, 2019

How about a weekend of learning, producing, inspiration and relaxation in this weekend
workshop. You will come to find the mesmerizing and peaceful qualities of flamework. 
As you approach the studio you will notice the location itself is magical as it is surrounded
by the ocean.  You will then step into the bright light filled studio space where you find your
own torch setup.  Marj has been melting glass and metalsmithing (to name a few mediums!)
for more than 20 years.  Marj also is the designer for the popular tools  

You will first learn about heat and gravity by melting glass rods and laying the molten glass
around steel mandrels - or rods.  This is the techniques Egyptians used to melt glass back in
early times.  We will make glass beads.  We will learn how to add color, dots, metals to
glass beads.  We learn techniques such as raking, including bubbles, adding layers of dots. 
Students are usually so hypnotized they do not want to stop to eat lunch! 
Marj always sneaks into the kitchen later in the afternoon and brews a fresh pot of the best
coffee on earth and some sweet treats.  Gotta keep your strength up!

You will finish Day 1 with enough beads to make a necklace, bracelet, earrings - whatever you choose.

Day 2 - your choice.  Would you like to stick to glass beadmaking or do you feel 'brave' enough
to jump into glass knob making?  Keep in mind you've got the number 1 expert in this field of
glass knobmaking - I did create the technique after all.  Many students sign up for this
weekend extravaganza so they can make new glass knobs for their kitchens, bath or that
special piece of furniture.

   Weekend of Melting Glass January 19 & 20, 2019   $295  Sign up Now!  


Metalsmithing Workshops Ongoing classes...

One can go only so far in the biz of making jewelry if one does not possess the skill to solder joints. 
Students will learn how to cut silver, file, solder, and polish finished pieces.  You will no longer have 
the need to purchase store bought findings such as ear wires and clasps for necklaces and bracelets.  
This will put you a step above other jewelry makers. 
Your creations will begin to take on a look of their own!  
Sales will soar!

A few tools and material will be necessary.   Marj has lots of tools to share.  Students may need to purchase a couple tools and silver.  Marj will be pleased to order materials and sell to students at a discounted price.  Students attending ongoing classes may coordinate with Marj via email to arrange purchase of any tools and materials necessary.  With all our tools and materials available for our first class we will jump right in and begin our first group project.  Subsequent weeks we will have another group project and then students will begin working independently on a design of their own.  Yes, Marj is happy to help students through the design and fabrication process individually. 
For this reason class is limited to 6 students.

My most popular class and my personal favorite is the class that meets once a week around 5-6 pm.
We gather at the end of a busy day and while working together in a laid back environment
we inspire one another.  Funny how productive you can be while having fun.
Some very cool designs emerge from these classes.  The time posted is flexible meaning as
we are gathered as a group I am amenable to tweaking the time or day of classes to suit the needs
of my students. Classes are ongoing.

The cost of this class is $200. for 8 weeks.  Class time is 2.5 hours plus.


         Learn how to Repair Jewlery

            photo credit: Lauren Allensmith

Do you have a box of jewelry with a broken clasp, discombobulated chain?  
How about that one favorite earring that needs repair?   

Costume Jewelry can be fun and inexpensive.  Then it breaks.  
Spending a lot of money to repair doesnt make sense.  

Bring that box of your unwearable favorites to class and we'll fix it!  
Use my large collection of tools.  

I'll supply all the findings (parts) you need for a fair price.
Of course all my tools will are available for your use.

This class will meet for 2 plus hours.

March 9, 2019 -10 am   

Cost 75. Sign up Now!

Gift Certificates Available

                               Learn How to make a felted silk & wool one of a kind scarf.                           

In this class we will use soft, colorful, natural or hand dyed 100% wool fibers to lay out a design of our choice on 100% silk material. 

Students will have a choice to purchase a white 'blank' silk scarf or my own hand dyed colorful scarves. Students will also purchase the wool fibers from teacher. Depending on your design ideas supplies the cost of supplies will start around 25.
Some folks call this design process 'nuno scarf making'.

After laying out deigns we will manipulate the fibers and silk using a warm water solution.
Students will leave with a wonderfully creative one of a kind scarf around their neck unless scarf is still a bit damp. 

This class will meet for 4 plus hours.

 January 12, 2019 - 9:30 am   

 Cost 95. Sign up Now!