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Trial and error were and still are my greatest teacher. I started with one Minor bench burner torch and very little in the way of tools and glass. I currently own and operate a studio with 6 work stations and tons of glass. I teach workshops on a regular basis. I love this! I love meeting the most interesting people. I learn a lot from students.

In addition to making glass beads and glass bead jewelry I have reintroduced myself to metalsmithing.  Years ago I dabbled in metals.  I put it aside when I aquired my addiction to making glass beads. A few years ago I began to resurrect my metals studio.  I bought some new equipment And lots of new materials.  Boy oy boy has the cost of silver gone up!  Now I have an official snappy little section in my studio dedicated to metalwork. In addition to this I have also dedicated a space for my tumbled stones and sea glass collections.  I have been collecting for years.  I finally took a leap of faith a few years ago and started to inlay silver in beach stones.  A big hit! If you happened by today what would I playing with Venetian glass, silver, gold, stones?  Probably all of the above because I love combining the different textures. 

I have had many neat stepping stones.  I and my business have consistently grown.  I remember an Open Studio Sale I once had.  Someone wanted to purchase the glass knobs I had made right off my kitchen cabinets.  I never dreamed to sell the knobs,  I just wanted a little splash of color in my kitchen!  The rest as they say is history.

Today a large part of my business is making custom glass knobs for kitchens, baths and one of a kind home furnishings?  Of course if am going to make knobs why not design lamp finials too!   You will find a sampling of this work in GALLERY (- LINK-)  Because there is a demand from other artists to make knobs, I designed and now sell MAKE A KNOB KITS and MAKE A FINIAL KITS. These kits combine the hardware I designed and have manufactured for me allowing other artists to make these items too.

I have had many neat stepping stonesthroughout the years.  I and my business have consistently grown. Thankfully my business supports me, more or less,  and the very nice life style I enjoy. I sell through my website www.glassthings.com. I sell to galleries and at shows. I have a little gallery here from which I sell my work and the work of my students

I live and work (my studio and home are one) on a little peninsula where a working light house sits amidst a tightly knit community, just south of Boston. I am surrounded by beauty. The sea, the earth, the sky. Melting glass; the rhythm, the hues. I connect to the seasons. I connect to my spirit. It is here I find peace. My work evolves.. I evolve. The universe evolves.

The kind of artwork I want to be doing ten years from now? The BEST I can push myself to do with whatever medium I happen to be working on at this time. Introducing creativity to others will be a major part of the days ahead. It is my passion to see others experience their AH-HA! moment when they have created something.. It will include melting glass and hammering metals. Manipulating glass and metals and the sea are two on a very short list of things that hold my attention.


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 ARTICLES (partial list)

• April 27, 1997 - Boston Sunday Globe
• November 1997 - Mariner Publications
• Feb. 1, 1998 - Boston Sunday Globe Magazine
• March 1998 - Mariner Publications
• November 1999 - Duxbury Clipper
• December 1999 - The Crafts Report Magazine
• Dec. 8, 1999 - Mariner Publications
• July 11, 2000 - Boston Sunday Globe Magazine
• July 25, 2000 - Patriot Ledger


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• Faculty Member:   South Shore Art Center
    Hingham Public Schools
    Duxbury Art Center
    My Studio; Workshops & Private Lessons

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Marj Bates 
28 Rebecca Road 
Scituate, MA 02066 
(781) 545-8290 
Email: marj@glassthings.com

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Marj Bates Studio
28 Rebecca Road, Scituate, MA 02066


Find your way to RTE 3 South. From Boston head toward Cape Cod. The split occurs around Braintree. From RTE 24 (The Rhode Island Area) Follow the signs that lead you to 128 SOUTH.

Stay on 128. Head toward Braintree. As you approach Braintree you will notice the signs RTE 3 SOUTH, CAPE COD. Stay on RTE 3 SOUTH until exit # 13.

At End of Ramp turn left. This is RTE 53. The road curves to the left. There is a Quik Lube on your left; a Friendly"s on your right. At set of lites, by General Store, turn right onto RTE 123. Stay on RTE 123 for about 10 minutes. You will pass many delightful old homes. You will pass through Norwell Centre. Continue on. You will finally approach the intersection of RTE 3A.

You will travel ACROSS RTE 3A. There will be a pond on your left. Turn right, and TAKE AN IMMEDIATE LEFT TURN ONTO DRIFTWAY. You will see a MEDICAL CENTRE on your left. Follow the Driftway "til the end (few miles). St. Mary's Church on your left. At STOP sign go straight across. NOT RIGHT, NOT LEFT. STRAIGHT ACROSS. You are now on Front Street, Scituate Harbor. By the Fish Pier the road veers to left. At traffic light turn RIGHT onto JERICHO ROAD. Travel short distance to end, turn right. You are now entering "Lighthouse Point". Picture a "ONE WAY" HORSESHOE. You travel in on LIGHTHOUSE ROAD. At the lighthouse, the street becomes REBECCA ROAD. I am located at #28. Can"t miss it. Sign out front. Only way to get out of point.


Over bridge(s) to Route 3 North; to exit #11.
End of ramp, RIGHT at STOP SIGN.
Immediate LEFT onto LINCOLN STREET. Travel 2.3 miles.
At STOP SIGN turn LEFT. You will see sign that states, NORTH 3A
At traffic light turn LEFT. You will see sign that states, NORTH 3A; and RTE #139.
At lights turn RIGHT: 3A to SCITUATE
At 5.0 miles you travel over little bridge. (North River)
On your left you will see KENNEDY"S GARDEN CENTER. A little further ahead, on left PJ"S RESTAURANT.
Take your next RIGHT (see sign...SCITUATE 2 miles. Now take an IMMEDIATE RIGHT onto DRIFTWAY.
The Driftway Medical Bldg. will be on your left.
Travel couple miles to END. St. Mary"s Church on left.
At STOP SIGN go STRAIGHT across. (Not left. Not right. STRAIGHT across.) This is FRONT STREET.
By Fish Pier the road veers to left. At traffic light turn RIGHT onto JERICHO ROAD.
Go short distance to end; turn RIGHT.
You are now entering "Lighthouse Point".
Picture a "ONE WAY" HORSESHOE. You travel in on LIGHTHOUSE ROAD.
At the lighthouse, the street becomes REBECCA ROAD.
I am located at #28. Can"t miss it. Sign out front. Only way to get off point.

Map to Marj Bates Studio

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Return Policy

You must be completely satisfied with your purchase.  Let us know how we may help you.  Custom orders are non refundable.  If a purchase is not what you expected please return within 2 weeks, and we will either replace item or refund the cost of item, excluding shipping costs and service fees.

Payment Policy

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards via secure server.  You may mail personal checks or money orders.  You may telephone or fax your credit card information if you choose.  Shipments to Massachusetts addresses will be charged sales tax.

Privacy Policy

Any personal identification information you give to Marj Bates Studio will never be given or sold to a third party.  We may contact you by telephone or email if there is a question about your order.

Shipping Information

All purchases are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Optional insurance is available via the shopping cart.

Workshop Cancellations

Students registered for workshops will receive a full refund if cancelling at least 3 weeks before the workshop start date.  Students cancelling within 3 weeks of the start date will be given full credit for a future workshop.

Thank you for your support of my art!

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