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metals soldering class
Metalsmith Workshop - Ongoing... 2019
This is my most popular class and my personal favorite. We gather at the end of a busy day and while working together in a laid back environment we inspire one another. Funny how productive you can be while having fun. Some very cool designs emerge from these classes. If the time posted is not ideal for you contact me anyway. After we all gather I am amenable to tweaking the time of classes to suit the needs of my students. Jump in anytime. Maximum number of students is 6 to insure plenty of one on one time with Marj
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Price: $200.00

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robertcorey wrote on January 31,2018
Congratulations!! They have a wonderful.Really like what you did!love these.Thank for the good topic,Thanks for your sharing.
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Lianne Gillespie wrote on June 28,2012
Hi Marj,

My friend Lisa Scheiber and I saw you one day while we were walking on your street. We are interested in doing a Tuesday night workshop in metals after July 10th.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much!

Lianne Jasper Gillespie