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sea glass color knob
Sea Glass Look and Feel Glass Knob
This handmade aqua color glass knob has been etched to look and feel like sea glass and will bring a nautical theme to your kitchen and bath not to mention your favorite piece of furniture.

All Glass Knobs are handmadeby me, Marj Bates, one knob at a time and range in size. I am able to customize size for you. Many different types of glass are used, Venetian Glass, German, and American to name a few. To get just the right colors enamels may be used too. Enamels are very very fine crushed glass. Often inclusions of silver, goldstone and other goodies are included in Glass Knobs.

Change the appearance of a room by swapping the knobs you have on your cabinet doors, drawers and favorite piece of furniture. The new look is guaranteed to please!

Glass Knobs are made on a durable stainless steel threaded insert. I designed the hardware myself and have the hardware manufactured in this country. For easy installation each Glass Knob is delivered with a screw and plastic washer to protect your wood surface.

Custom requests are welcome!
Reference: 30397

Price: $42.00

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